Adding value with external works

Griffiths Groundworks often work with clients who want to improve their own outdoor space either for themselves or for the potential sale of property, and with developers who build for a specific target market.

If you are considering a self-build, or have an existing driveway or outdoor space that could do with a re-vamp, here are some questions to ask yourself when deciding where to spend your money.

Who will buy your property if or when you sell it and what will they prioritise? Families with young children often value safe places to park cars, alongside patios for family gatherings and often some soft play such as grass. Young professionals may want a low maintenance space (no weeding!). If you are selling a bungalow which may appeal to older buyers, raised beds can make a valuable addition and ramps rather than steps can be preferred.  Make a list of all the things your target market might want (parking spaces, easy maintenance, shed. etc.) and then see if you can incorporate these into your project before you start.

How much is an extra car park space worth in your area? Depending on where you live, spending money on parking spaces can be a real winner – if not in value, then for saleability. Sloped drives can be considered, or retaining walls can be created to provide a more level surface is needed.

What level of maintenance would be ideal? How will this influence the materials you might chose or the mix between soft landscaping and hard landscaping? Low maintenance could be a priority for your target market and may lead you to be more focused on hard scaping, whilst areas of grass and planting may suit others.

What is in-keeping with the style of property? ‘Heritage’ style paviours or gravel drives are popular but need to be balanced with maintenance and sustainability issues – if you are covering over a large expanse of grass, or a gravel with non-porous material like tarmac, you could easily create a water pooling/or localised flood issue – so think about this before you start and incorporate appropriate drainage or porous materials into your design.

How grand should you go? Depending on your target market and the space you have, items like automatic gates, brick walls and ironworks can make a difference. Think about these carefully in relation to your ceiling price. Your market may want gates and fencing for security but the specification should be tailored to your market.

How green can you go? Notwithstanding the above, think green too – ‘green’ retaining walls, permeable pavings, areas of planting for nature to thrive all make a big difference to our planet, as will the choice of your material (e.g. how sustainable is it?) and increasingly is a consideration for buyers.


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